Making a Difference

Kerry has been involved in the Restoration Industry for over 20 years now. Taking as many IICRC certified courses he can in order to stay on top of new procedures and technology, Kerry is determined to provide the best quality of service to his clients. Coming from a construction background, Kerry also strives to provide the best possible customer service to insure his clients have as easy a time as possible in their time of despair.  Kerry and his family are very honoured and pleased to be a part of the WINMAR®  family and look forward to growing alongside them. pei-office

Independently Owned and Operated


Each WINMAR® franchise is independently owned and operated. While we are qualified in many aspects of construction, our specialty is property restoration. No job is too big; no job is too small.

Everyone is considered a customer to us; a homeowner, a business owner, a property management firm, a hospital, an insurance representative, etc. If you require assistance, contact WINMAR®. We’re “Coming Through For You”


Telephone (902) 370-0001

Facsimile (902) 370-0002

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